Tennant S30

From cement dust to heavy debris- the powerful Tennant S30 Ride-On Sweeper makes cleaning a breeze. Achieve maximum performance and cleaning consistency – even in the toughest/roughest environments

Standard Accessories:

  • FaST Foam Scrubbing technology provides clean, dry floors in minutes- which as a result reduces room closure times and slip and safety risks
  • Environmentally friendly, easy to use, and rugged design (non-corroding cast aluminum scrub decks, squeegee frames, etc.) make the T5e an unbeatable machine built to withstand daily wear and tear
  • Combine outstanding water recovery, low noise levels, and vigorous brushes for a guaranteed reliable clean every time

Technical Data

Application Indoor & Outdoor
Estimated Coverage/ Productivity (per hour) Up to 281,600 ft ² /hr / 26,010 m ² /hr
Cleaning Path 62.5 in / 1,588 mm (single side brush), 80 in / 2,032 mm (dual side brush)
Debris Hopper 14 ft ² / 395 L
Debris Hopper Capacity (up to) 1,200 lbs. / 545 kg
Vacuum Diameter 11 in / 280 mm
Vacuum Fan Speed 4,600 rpm (normal sweeping mode), 5,500 rpm (litter sweeping mode)
Sound Level (operator’s ear) 80 dBA
Power Source LPG, Gas, or Diesel
Machine Type Ride-On
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