Tennant T3

The Tennant T3 is a compact floor scrubber designed to maneuver into the tightest areas while still achieving maximum productivity. This unit will run up to 3 hours on a single charge allowing it to clean up to 70,000 SQFT with ease and efficiency.

Standard Accessories:

  • Clean anywhere, anytime! Quiet operation means a more flexible cleaning schedule and in more environments!
  • Eliminate the risk of mold, bacteria, and other contaminants that can grow in enclosed tanks with the T3’s easy-to-clean, removable Hygenic® tanks.
  • Minimize the risk of slip-and-fall injuries and operator fatigue while increasing productivity, effectiveness and comfort with the T3’s ergonomic and simple design.

Technical Data

Application Indoor
Estimated Coverage/ Productivity (per hour) Up to 23,800 ft ² /hr / 2,200 m ² /hr
Cleaning Path 17 in / 430 mm or 20 in / 510 mm
Recovery Tank Capacity 15 gal / 57 L
Solution Tank Capacity 10.5 gal / 40 L
Squeegee Width 30 in / 760 mm
Brush RPMs 230 rpm
Sound Level (operator’s ear) 68.5 dBA
Power Source Battery
Machine Type Walk-Behind
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