The M20 Ride-On Sweeper-Scrubber increases productivity by providing superior sweeping and scrubbing performance while also providing health and safety benefits. The M20 is simple to use and maintain, and it immediately enhances the image of your facility by cleaning in a single pass — wet or dry.

Standard Accessories:

  • With FloorSmart® integrated cleaning system technology, clean effectively in just one pass — wet or dry.
  • Use MaxPro2TM hydraulic technology to achieve consistent cleaning results. Tennant's unique ec-H2OTM technology uses up to 70% less water and cleans up to three times longer on a single tank.
  • Increase visibility with cab-forward design, open sightlines, and steeringwheel-mounted controls.

Technical Data

Application Indoor & Outdoor
Estimated Coverage/ Productivity (per hour) Up to 190,080 ft ² /hr / 17560 m ² /hr
Cleaning Path 40 in/ 1020 mm, 54 in/ 1370 mm, 56 in/ 1420 mm
Recovery Tank Capacity 73 gal / 276L
Solution Tank Capacity 50 gal / 212 L or 74 gal / 280 L
Squeegee Width 51 in/ 1300 mm
Pad RPMs 230 rpm (disk) / 480 rpm (cylindrical)
Sound Level (operator’s ear) 84 dBA
Power Source Gas, LPG, Diesel
Machine Type Ride-On
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